Happy New Year!

It's the start of a new year, and I wish everyone a great new year ahead ^^

Did anyone attended any countdown activities last night?
I did, and here I went out with my friend and watched the countdown and fireworks in the harbour side ^^ It was great~

and I did come up with a few new year's resolution, and hope everyone can acheive your dreams this year, accompanying by the releases of your favourite manga artists, animes, seiyuus, etc ^^
Fai 3

Seiyuu Events, xxxholic and kobato

Recently I found some videos for the Code Geass X Gundam Events back in 2008 in Tokyo Budokan. I am so happy to be able to find these videos (the gundam one is even subbed ^o^) ~~~but then it seems stupid for me not to search for this in the chinese sites,,it never occured to me before until I wanna find some seiyuu videos to watch >___> anyway,,,I watched them and I want to be there so much, my fav animes, my fav seiyuus, my fav places...oh dear, japanese people do have lots of chance to attend those activities,,I am so envy about it~~~it's also great that the event can took place in Budokan, as it is one of the most famous place for concert in the world, and many famous artists had performed there, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, L'Arc~en~Ciel, X Japan, you can search in wikipedia for  more...so great that now the anime events can be taken place in this prestigious place ^^

I love the seiyuus in both animes~~~Mamoru Miyano, Shinichirou Miki, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Hiroshi Kamiya, Takahiro Sakurai, Jun Fukuyama,,,they are all so charming!!! It's so awesome to hear their voice acting LIVE~~~and it makes me cry when I saw the performance of Miki-san for Lockon ;____; It's such a good show!!!

xxxholic.Rou ch.194 is out, the scanlation can be found in onemanga,,,the colour pages are fantastic!!! and with the appearance of Collapse )

and the Kobato Drop 19 has been out,,,but in chinese only~~~ it's such a short chap >___< why does clamp only give us this little everytime, when can the manga progresses at a higher speed? but then it's great to see Collapse )am I spoiling too much? hope there will be english scanlations soon ^^

Code Geass

Some of you may have already known why I am posting with this title (?)

Yesterday there was an event held in Tokyo about Code Geass because it was/is Lelouch's birthday (you choose the verb yourself...) In the event,it was announced that there will be a new stage of Geass. It implies there will be some new animations or whatever about Geass. This is a heated news now, I am sure, in the anime community, or geass community or clamp community...

You may refer to www.geass.jp for the official poster too.

Concerning the new animation,,I sincerely hope that there is something like movie version or so....if it's indeed another anime series,,,I strongly oppose the idea of a thrid season about Lelouch. I think the two seasons are just perfect, addtion about that in another season would just make things worse. I think Lelouch's dead and there are many reasons for that....I don't wanna argue that for an essay...maybe I will tell some later ^__^

But the point is,,,if it will be another story about Geass...just like the Gundam series...that Geass exists in another timeline or world, that would be acceptable to me....there will be news coming,,,so i can wait ^^


xxxholic Rou OAD


I'm so excited about the New xxxholic OAD coming on April 23, 2010....it will talk about the Rou chapters,,,xxxholic animations always have very high quality ^__^ Looking forward to it....

and that means, we still have about 3 to 4 months of xxxholic to read? It'd be great ^__^

Fai Moko

xxxholic ch.190 + kobato ep 4

Great Newsssss~~~xxxholic is gonna have vol.17 with the OAD~~~By the look of recent chapters I think vol.17 is necessary to wrap up the story = v = Since not much progression is made in ch,190 too,,

The Kobato anime is really good,,,the appearance of Kohaku, and Usagi-chan is much earlier than in the manga,,,and Kohaku-chan even has conversation with Ioryogi-san ^0^

Too bad we won't get xxxholic chap and kobato anime next week ;___;

Kobato Ep 3 + xxxHolic Rou Ch 189

Kobatoooooo~~~it's so cute to see the interactions between her and Fujimoto!!!! Cute as always,this episode,,,,and the most surprising thing is the appearance of Kohaku and Shuuichirou =0= Kohaku "this presence is..." reminds me of CCS Sakura,,,coz it's the same sentence,,,The twins are cute too ^^

xxxholic,,,it's still a story to tell, is it? won't end soon, right? Can we hope for Vol 17? =0= The instrument,,,how will Watanuki solve the problem? >__> Mysterious!!!


This few months, there are many seiyuus who I dearly LOVE release their singles and albums ^__^ I am looking forward to hearing their songs ^o^

First,,,of coz is my Maaya-san,,,who will release the single 'Magic Number', which is the Opening theme of Kobato,,,

1. Magic Number 2. Private Sky 3.Kazamidori-Live Version 4.Poketto Wo Sora Ni Shite-Live Version

Maaya-san is gonna have a live in BUDOKAN~~~~~~in the coming March: to celebrate the 15th anniversary since her debut!!!

2nd is Mamo-chan,,,He is going to release his single 'Refrain' ^__^ I have seen the short PV of this song, which I think is awesome for him and the type of song suit him much~~~*fangirling*

1.Refrain 2.Toroi Merai 3.蒼ノ翼 (Ao no Tsubasa?)

3rd is Miyu-kun's coming single: 'Faith',,,He looks so cool in the cover >//< I like this aspect of him,,,although I like the cute and funny side of him too ^^ The cover reminds me a lot of Tsubasa,,,coz there're wings and then he is the seiyuu for Syaoran-kun (aka Tsubasa-kun) XD

1. Faith 2.Not yet decided 3.Not yet decided

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Fukujun-sama!!! The cover was drawn by Clamp-sensei and one of the song's lyrics was written by the Code Geass director,,,it's an album which means I am going to have many songs to listen in the coming months ^^ OHOHOHO~~~

There are 10 songs in total~~~

I don't why there's so many songs' release the coming months,,all the seiyuus I like =0= BUT THAT'S GREAT!!!

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